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Choosing The Right Skimboard



Weight is a good starting point when choosing your skimboard. Optimally you would choose a smaller skimboard, because smaller boards provide better turning abilities, but the more you weigh, the larger the board has to be, since you need more carrying power to reach the waves. Anyway, if you`re heavier, it will be easier to turn a larger board. Some of the skimboards have recommended weight restrictions, which makes it easier to decide if they`re suitable for you. Although your weight is a good starting point, there are other factors that can matter just as much, or even more.


What`s your style? If you would like to ride waves smoothly and reach bigger waves, you would probably prefer a larger skimboard, which helps you gain speed. For tricks, a smaller skimboard is better, as it gives you more control. It also depends on your physical condition. If you run fast, you need less carrying power to reach the waves you want. A larger board helps compensate for lack of speed.


When you`re a beginner, you need to learn how to read the waves. Some waves are harder to reach than others, and to help you feel like you`ve made some progress after a long day at the beach, a larger skimboard can help you with this; help you reach more waves. When you become an advanced skimboarder, you`ve learned how to read waves. You know which ones to ride and which ones to let go. You simply choose the easy-to-reach waves, and can therefore choose a smaller skimboard to ride them.

Getting Started

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